Our Team

Our Team

Mrs. Priya

Mrs. Priya is a dynamic professional in Security, Facility and Property Management System. She is having 18 years paramount work experience in legal compliances, Recruitment & commercial composition She has completed HR Management Course and Digital Marketing Certified course.
She has handle many groups Legal/Professional issues since 2003. She is capable to clientele and all company legal matters/dispute/loss prevention/procurement etc.

Mr. Anil Hadke

Mr. Anil Hadke having 32 year of the best amazing experience in security & Hospitality Management field. Mr Hadke has successfully completed to setup the company in all over India. Mr Hadke has successfully discharged their duties which was assigned to him since 1991 onward.
Having the best experience to setup any field in security industries and knowledge of Hindi, Marathi, English, Russian Language.

Mr. Laxman Mishra

Mr Laxman Mishra, a Security Professional having a large year of experience in security and facility Field Since 2000 and have successful completed PSP, CISSP.
He is capable to overseeing complete security management of industries, public sector & Govt deptt.