Security & Manned Guarding

We at Oriental Security protects all the sectors like Industrial,Banking Sector,Residential and Commercial Appartments,Hotel,VVIP, Security,Lady Searcher,Vigilance Detectives,Event Security,Dog Squad,Private Investigations & Security Survey and Consultancy.

Electronics Security Systems

Electronic System refers to any electronics equipments that could perform security operations like Surveillance,Access Control Alarming or an intrusion control to a facility or an area which uses a power from mains and also power from backup like battery etc.
Categorizing Electronics security system as CCTV Surveillance Security System & Fire Detection/Alarming System.

Cash in Transit

The opening of so many private and international banks, resulted complete focus on servicing and customer friendly environment in banks which sets apart one bank from the other, in such a changed scenario, the guards are needed to be more efficient and alert besides being polite and humble in nature. Oriental Associates & Facilities provide safe & swift transportation of cash and valuables, as also posses the expertise to handle large amounts of cash at sales and cash counters at commercial establishments.

Housekeeping Services

Hotels are a high-risk category because of the large footfall of international visitors and the presence of business, media and political personalities. Therefore, for hotels, security is coupled with customer service as priority. Quality parameters are high for hotels in terms of uniform, personality, appearance, etc., and the Group, with its vast pool of talent, is able to offer guards to meet their extremely specific requirements. The services offered also include response plans and implementation of evacuation drills for existing building plans.

Surveys & Security Audits

Our Security Survey performed in an Objective,Proactive,Collaborative,Comprehensive & Professional manner to establesh baseline and prioritized perspective on where you stand and plan for where you should be.Assure that security program is reasonable defensive in court. Also assures every penny you spend on security serves you objections and needs.

Private Investigations

Our Well Trained staff conducts special orientation program for its personnel deployed by the Industry. Investigation teams carry out Criminal Records by there Address Verification,Verification of Employment,Credit Record Checks Union Affiliation Checks,Union Affiliation Checks, Neighbourhood Reference etc.

Industrial Security

As with large scale industrialization, the necessity of security and safety has increased, as it involves possibility of theft, intrusion, sabotage,robbery, accidental damage and fire hazards and even internal violence. Thus it is a very delicate issue which is best handled and controlled by Oriental Associate for the plants and its management. We provide a full fledged and well equipped protection to the industry, since our guards are trained to be very particular about access control, vehicle control, inspection, screening of visitors, patrolling, and site management etc.

Security Survey & Consultancy

Pre Security Survey of Industrial Investment and Industrial frauds are also detected by our consultancy.For this purpose we have Vigilance unit of plain clothes security professionals.

Hotels & Hospital Services

Hotel Security is entirely different from security of other industrial or commercial establishments.In this branch of security, extra care has to be taken to prevent losses likely to be incurred by both,the guests and the hotel staff. Since, guests take their security for granted once they enter a hotel, it is our responsibility to deploy well-trained and polite men. This ensures that they can deal with guests cordially, yet firmly while doing their duties. We conducts special orientation program for its personnel deployed in the Hospitality industry.